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Remembrance Day


Thank you to all the families that shared photographs of their relatives who served during our World Wars. Year 6 made and edited the film with KS2 children reading the poem. (Added 16.11.16)

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401 Challenge

On 18th Sept several Stanbridge Fliers took part in the 401 Challenge - a marathon running event organised by Ben Smith who is attempting to run 401 marathons in 401 days… and today was his 384th!! Following this, many took took part in a Colour Run on the school grounds which was organised by our PTA. (Added 28.09.16)

Water Piano (Year 4)

Our next Makey Makey project involved Year 4 creating a water piano! We used ‘Scratch’ to program a piano and conductive strip to complete the circuit. We hope you enjoy. (Added 16.11.16)

Images & Audio (Year 2)

In one Year 2 masterclass the children worked hard to combine moving images and audio recordings. They used the iPads and an application called Puppet Pals. They are hoping to record a video tutorial to guide others in how to use the app. We hope you enjoy watching our video. (Added 29.09.16)

‘Makey Makey’ (Year 6)

Year 6 have been using Scratch to develop their programming skills. They have created their own maze games and then used a 'Makey Makey' and some bananas to mimic the games controls. What else could they use the Makey Makey for... watch this space! (Added 23.10.16)

The Stone Age… (Year 3)

Year 3 have been enjoying their topic all about the Stone Age. They made information leaflets about Stonehenge, created Play Scripts which they then turned into an information film all about Stonehenge. (Added 01.02.17)

The Grinch… (KS2)

Children from KS2 worked hard to perform and re-tell the story from Dr Seuss of how The Grinch stole Christmas. They worked alongside digital leaders using green screen technology to create a movie for our KS2 Christmas performance. (Added 15.12.16)