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Pride (Y5)


This term we have been focusing on what pride means to us as it one of our 6 ‘School Values’. Year 5 have have made a short film explaining what pride means to them. The children used iMovie and Green Screen to make these movies. (2014/15)

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Dragon Traps (Y4)

A trailer of Year 4's Dragon topic. The children took part in a dragon egg adjective hunt; they made forest dragons to inspire their descriptive writing and they wrote instructions on how to build their dragon traps. Miss John use iMovie to make this film. (2014/15)

School Camp (Y4)

The 2013/14 Year 4 class’s took to the school field for a night under the starts. They enjoyed putting up their own tents and took part in many outdoor themed activities. The children (and teachers) thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Miss John used Windows Movie Maker to make this movie. (2013/14)

Plant Life (Y5)

Year 5 students have been looking at plants. They have made a short film to demonstrate some of their new leaning. For this film the children carried out all of the filming themselves and then used iMovie and Green Screen to layer the different videos and backing tracks. (2014/15)

Dragon Dance (Y4)

Year 4 used their dragon topic to inspire their P.E. They created a series of dances and then took elements of each dance to create a whole class dance. (2014/15)

The Boneyard Rap (Y4)

Year 4 have been looking at the poem The boneyard Rap. The children have spent time learning and performing it. Eventually they decided to include the use of percussion instruments to enhance the performance. Miss John used a Windows Movie Maker to make this movie.

Festival of Youth Sports

On Saturday 2nd June members of the Athletics Football clubs took part in the annual Festival of Youth Sports held at Filton College. We all had had lots of fun at the festival. Overall the Athletics team placed 8th out of 15 schools. The football team placed 7th out of 11 schools. Well done everybody. (2014/15)