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Plant Life (Y5)


Year 5 students have been looking at plants. They have made a short film to demonstrate some of their new leaning. For this film the children carried out all of the filming themselves and then used iMovie and Green Screen to layer the different videos and backing tracks. (2014/15)

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Hot Air Balloon

During the last week of June, a hot air balloon land on the school field. The children were very excited and some even had the chance to sit in the basket. Simon, the pilot, allowed us to interview him. The video was made and edited by the Stanbridge Digital Leaders. (2014/15)

Zoo Trip (Y2)

On the 7th July, Year 2 had a fabulous time visiting the zoo! With the rain holding off, the children’s favourite's included the penguins, a pair of impressive Asiatic lions, a group of lemurs and the new attraction- Gorilla Island! We really enjoyed the trip and hope you enjoy the video too! (2014/15)

School Camp - Pt 1 (Y4)

In June 2015, Year 4 enjoyed experiencing outdoor activities and camping out on our school field. Year 4 pupils designed and made their own mud flags and developed their team-working skills by building a tent and taking part in many different team challenges! (2015/16)

Dinosaur Invasion! (Y5)

It was just a normal day when… Dinosaurs invaded Stanbridge! During the last week of term 6 Year 5 pupils took on the challenge of creating a film with a narrative voice over. They used Green Screen filming, iMovie and their imaginations to bring the films to life. We hope you enjoy watching. (2014/15)

Engineering Week

Our Mission: Investigate an element of modern day engineering and work with your teacher to explore improvements and innovation. Our classes made everything from laser cutters and cargo containers to suspension bridges and burglar alarms. Year 6 even got to wire a car with a motor and LED headlights. (2014/15)

School Camp - Pt 2 (Y4)

In June 2015, Year 4 enjoyed experiencing outdoor activities and camping out on our school field. Year 4 enjoyed a BBQ with their families and friends, made a fire, sang camp songs and ate marshmallows! Yum! Mr Williams even recorded footage of the badgers in our woodland area while we slept! (2015/16)